The Fleet Team V2

Daniel Kemmerer

ext. 1010

As President of Fleet Repair Solutions, Daniel has three primary responsibilities, to:

  • Foster and sustain a person-centered philosophy throughout the company for all players;
  • Develop an inclusive and creative culture that demands innovation and constant improvement; and,
  • Aggressively research and pioneer new techniques and technologies to improve operations, providing the best service and pricing for our customers.
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Daniel began his career as an Aircraft Structural Maintenance technician with the U.S. Air Force. He received an honorable discharge and commendations after 8 years of service. While in the Air Force, Daniel earned an Associates of Science in Aerospace Sciences and a Bachelor of Science in Biology. After his discharge, he continued his education with a Master of Science program in Biology.

Daniel was hired onto the Fleet Repair Solutions team as a trailer technician. He claims his employment with Fleet was supposed to be temporary, but he saw an exciting opportunity. Daniel assumed full ownership of FRS in 2012. The business has grown every year since.

Integrity, Service, and Excellence are Fleet Repair Solutions’ core values and is the basis for Daniel’s Mission Statement for Fleet Repair.

Outside of the office and shop, Daniel looks forward to spending time with family and enjoys hiking and riding his motorcycle. He is also the Treasurer of the Appalachian Audubon Society. Hailing from Reading, Pennsylvania and now living in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Daniel spends much of his time in PA but travels often and can be found throughout the US, especially in Georgia and Texas.

One of Daniel’s greatest accomplishments is building the Fleet Team and continuing to bring exceptional people together with a common goal. He thanks his team for their dedication and loyalty to each other.

Terry S. Pace

Executive Vice President
ext. 1018

Terry S. Pace is the Executive Vice President for Fleet Repair Solutions. Mr. Pace brought over a decade of Large Commercial Fleet Maintenance experience to Fleet Repair and now oversees the daily general operations of Fleet Repair Solutions as a whole. Mr. Pace manages the Executive Leadership Team and has high expectations from his team in providing service from each of our locations to you as our customer.

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At Fleet Repair Solutions Fleet Maintenance is in our blood but it goes deeper than that, with a passion for our customers, drivers and our customers equipment. We provide each with superior quality repairs and service. Our employees passion shows in every detail of their work as we strive to earn our customers business with each transaction with Competitive Pricing Tiers, Superior Quality Workmanship, Timely Repairs, Reducing Dwell in your Fleet, and Superior Communication. Our team works hard to ensure each of our customers has a Top Tier Experience not only within your Maintenance Department but with each Drivers Satisfaction as well, check out what our customers have to say with our 4.9 Rating on Google.

At Fleet Repair Solutions LLC we strive to keep your drivers happy and on the road with your equipment producing revenue. We ask “Has your Fleet experienced the Fleet Repair Solutions Difference?” Fleet Repair Solutions LLC is a Full Fleet Service and Maintenance Provider that handles Tractor Engine and Diagnostics, Trailer Service and Repair, Reefer Service and Repair  all with OE Trained Technicians, Qual Com Repair and Install, Tractor and Trailer Wreck Repairs along with a Full Suite of PM Services across your entire fleet.



Senior Vice President
ext. 1009

Scott Melot is our Senior Vice President. He keeps our Pennsylvania branches in line by setting business goals and solving any internal issues. He supervises all on site managers and evaluates each department’s performance. He is proud to be a part of a team that has seen our company grow into what we are today; a multi facility company supporting some of the largest Fleets in the nation. Dedication, integrity, and hard work are what he always strives for and he is always looking forward to the upcoming challenges we face and concur every day. He enjoys seeing frustrating situations turn into huge accomplishments.

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Scott is from the Reading, Pa area and has been married to his lovely wife, Suzanne, for 25 years. Together they own a small café in Shillington, Pa called Market Café. If they are not there, you can catch them at their home zoo with their two dogs, two cats and two bearded dragons. When Scott can get away, he enjoys motorcycle rides, live sporting events and some good ole’ Southern Rock. Scott has three successful children and two awesome granddaughters! He has recently found that volunteering at food banks and helping less fortunate people fills a void in his life that he did not even know was there.

Steve Atkins

South Regional Vice President
ext. 3004

As the Southern Regional VP, Steve oversees all repair operations for Fleet Repair Solutions in the South Eastern United States. One of Steve’s greatest accomplishments is how he has progressed through the ranks; from starting out as a class C technician out on the floor and moving his way up to a VP of Fleet Repair Solutions.

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Steve is a firm believer in working as a team. He believes we must all get a long and work together to achieve not just personal goals but company goals as well. Steve likes to send out a daily email to his management team to encourage them to be safe and productive throughout the day, “ONE TEAM ONE FIGHT.”

Steve has been married to his wonderful wife for 26 years. They have three wonderful children, two girls and one boy. Steve and Faith have eight grandchildren, three boys and five girls. Steve grew up in a small mining town in Wyoming and left in 1988 when he decided to enlist in the United States Navy. Steve’s favorite hobby is riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle as often as he possibly can.

Lorrie A. Copenhaver

Chief Financial Officer
ext. 1008

Lorrie Copenhaver – has been a part of the financial industry for over 30 years. She has helped to increase gross sales, net profitability through research and analysis of new potential market within the United States. She oversees the company’s fiscal activity, including budgeting, reporting, and auditing. Lorrie has Assessed Financial risks and opportunities and she also oversees Financial Support Staff. Lorrie works very closely with Senior staff to acquire and create new branches within the industry. Lorrie has worn many “Hats” with Fleet Repair Solutions, such as: Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable. She manages still to this day, the Drayage Program, and oversees Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable at all locations.

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Lorrie has built relationships with Financial Consultants to have additional resources when necessary to meet companies needs. She has helped set-up processing procedures within the Admin offices to take control of the checks and balances and timeliness on invoice processing, to generate Revenue much quicker and improve the bottom line. She has built lasting relationship with the customers and vendors. Worked closely with her Team and President on Establishing a first-time budget and setting Goals for each location and department to help increase the bottom line. Lorrie has also helped with establishing new departments within the company and has taken lead on the Drayage Department and have it become a profit contributor.

Her passion for finance first came into play when she was in High School. She had taken business courses and the one that she really excelled on was Accounting. By her Senior year, she was taking college accounting courses and have been hooked ever since. Lorrie was determined after graduating that this was her career path and pursued every opportunity that came her way to achieve that goal. Lorrie is very dedicated and determined to accomplish every task set in front of her. I would have to say, she is an extremely dedicated person. Lorrie set goals for herself to accomplish each day but when she has a co-worker that needs her assistance, she will put their needs above her own. Lorrie has gained great respect from her team that she manages, because of this. She loves what she does, and loves helping the business succeed and become profitable.

Outside of work Lorrie likes to spend time with her family and travelling. Lorrie had a dream of one day to live in Alaska, the 49th State, and as of today, her dream has come true. Lorrie works remotely while living there.



Sarahlyn Bennett

Atlanta Officer Manager
ext. 3001

Sarahlyn is our Office Manager of the Atlanta, Ga branch and she has been working in the Trucking industry for several years. She is originally from the UK and holds two Associate degrees in Web Development and Computer Applications from the Gloucestershire College of Art & Technology and moved to the United States in 2006. Her day to day priority is providing the best customer service possible in our industry. She enjoys going home to her two fur babies, Jessica and Scrappy, and taking them on their evening walks. In her free time, she enjoys new adventures, being outdoors and traveling around the world. She is currently working towards learning the Korean language hoping she can visit the country within the next few years! Sarahlyn believes that the key to success is communication and that honesty is always the best policy.

Jasmin Aljuwaie

Director of Human Resources
ext. 1012

Jasmin has been our Director of Human Resources over the last year and has helped steer the department in the right direction. She handles all aspects of HR and recruiting for all FRS locations and works hard to keep our company and our team compliant with all Federal, State and DOT regulations. She graduated from Millersville University of Pennsylvania in 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration focusing on Business Management and Human Resources. She has been working in the Transportation industry ever since, with great success and she is currently working towards passing her SHRM certification exam in the fall to further her education. Jasmin truly enjoys the work hard, play hard mentality at Fleet Repair Solutions. In her down time, she enjoys cooking, baking, shopping, traveling, and spending time with her hubby and their fur baby, Barkley!

Russell Conner

Service Writer Supervisor
ext. 1016

Russ is the Service Writer Supervisor here at Fleet Repair Solutions and he is a crucial part of our Operation. His responsibilities as a Service Writer include inspecting trailers and drafting estimates while providing excellent customer service. One professional accomplishment that we are very proud of is that he started in our trailer shop working as a mechanic and worked his way up to become the Service Writer Supervisor of FRS. Russ is a dedicated Pittsburgh Steelers fan that enjoys listening to music and spending time with family & friends.

Nick Pawlowski

Pennsylvania Business Development Manager

Nick Pawlowski is the Business Development Manager at Fleet Repair Solutions. His responsibilities include expanding Fleets growing footprint through Customer Relations, Parts Sales, Vendor Relations, and overall finding solutions for the Transportation Industry. Being in the Transportation industry for 25 plus years, he has been working towards creating solutions for some of the more challenging hurdles the industry throws at us daily. Finding secondary supply lines and manufacturers for hard to get products as an economical solution for end users to keep Fleets up and running.

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Thinking outside the “Box” is the way to solve problems and these solutions drive him to the next challenge. A happy satisfied customer is the driver for Nick daily.

Spending time with his wife and 4 legged kids is his primary focus outside of Fleet. Working with animal rescues is his passion. Classic cars and BBQing go a long way to keep him going. Occasionally you may find him at a local stream trying to scare up a trout or two.

“Success will not come to you, it’s an uphill grind!”

Christina (Chrissy) Conner

Director of Purchasing & Assets Management
ext. 1006

Christina (Chrissy) Conner, Director of Purchasing & Assets Management, has been a valued member of the Fleet Repair Solutions team for five years. Chrissy oversees all purchasing for the Company and ensures proper tracking and maintenance of equipment. Chrissy is a graduate of the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center’s Practical Nursing Program. After spending 8 years as a Pediatric Nurse, she made a drastic change in careers and joined the Fleet Repair team. Chrissy highly values teamwork and camaraderie. Throughout her years with Fleet, she has enjoyed spending her time planning employee and charity events.

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Originally from Reading, Pennsylvania, Chrissy now lives in Hummelstown with her two daughters. She enjoys cooking and reading while at home and spends much of her free time fishing during the warmer months of the year. Horror movies, Halloween attractions and 90’s Hip Hop are a few of her favorite things.

Chrissy is planning on pursuing a degree in Business Management in the near future and looks forward to a long and rewarding career with Fleet Repair Solutions.

Natalie McMichael

Atlanta Parts Department Supervisor
ext. 3003

Natalie McMichael is Atlanta’s Parts Department Supervisor. She is responsible for making sure the technicians, on and off site, are equipped with parts and tools necessary to complete repairs. She manages the Atlanta shop inventory, assets, OTC parts sales and delivery, as well as general maintenance of the property. She has a range of experience in the parts distribution and logistics industries. She held her longest position in parts distribution for almost 14 years. She enjoys fast-pace work where she is constantly challenged to bring order in such a complex and ever-changing industry. She is pursuing an ASE certification to expand her knowledge in the field.

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At home, Natalie is a single mother to a 10-year-old son. They live with their German Shepherd, “Samson”, who keeps them both very entertained! She is into DIY projects, gardening, and health and fitness. She earned a certification as a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition in 2018. She is a hands-on type of gal. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty. Her assistants rarely complain about her, but if they do, it is because she makes them earn every penny by keeping up with her.

Michael W. Carter

Atlanta Operations Manager for the Tractor Shop and Dispatch Maintenance Team
ext. 3007

Michael Carter is currently the Operations Manager for the Tractor Shop and Dispatch Maintenance Team in our Atlanta branch. Michael oversees the day to day operations of the tractor maintenance shop and field maintenance team. Michael maintains communications with the customers to keep them abreast of the statuses of their machine during the repair process. A team player that goes above and beyond for his customers and his associates. Integrity and honesty are a huge part of how he conducts business. A self-starter and highly motivated with a “get the job done” mentality keeps the production moving forward. Outside of work Michael is all about family. Michael is engaged to April and together they have 5 girls ranging from 6 to 12 years old. A Veteran of the U.S. Army, Michael supports local veteran organizations with his time. Michael has a saying, “One Team, One Fight”. He has brought this to FRS and it has become a motto of the Atlanta Branch.

Jessica Markley

Night & Weekends Dispatcher

Jessica joined the FRS team in 2015 as a nighttime/weekend dispatcher. She is very dedicated to the FRS team and our technicians and it shows on daily basis! In 2018 she moved to our Atlanta branch and does accounts receivables during the day. Jessica met her husband, Rob, in 1999 and married the charming man in 2005. They have three grown sons and one grandson. If she has free time she enjoys reading, cooking/baking and the company of good friends.

Robert Markley Sr.

Nightshift Supervisor

Robert joined the Fleet Repair Solutions team as a technician in 2013. In 2017 he helped to open the Atlanta location as the Shop Foreman and later transitioned into the Operations Manager role. Rob is currently the Nightshift Supervisor for the Grantville location. Rob is extremely dedicated to his FRS team and the technicians. Rob met his wife Jessica in 1999 and they got married in 2005. Together they have three grown sones and one grandson. Outside of work Rob enjoys archery, hunting, fishing, and riding dirt bikes.

Brenda Temple

Grantville Operations Manager for the Tractor Shop and Dispatch Maintenance Team
ext. 1005

Brenda is the Operations Manager for the Tractor Shop and Dispatch Maintenance Team at our Grantville branch. She oversees the day to day operations of the tractor maintenance shop and field maintenance team. Brenda has been with Fleet Repair Solutions since 2017 and began her career here as our Front Office Receptionist.

Tarvin Dukes

Atlanta Operations Manager for the Trailer Shop
ext. 3010

Tarvin Dukes II is currently the Operations Manager for the Trailer Shop in our Atlanta Branch. Tarvin overseas the day-to-day operation of the first and second shift of the trailer shop. He is in constant communication with the customers and upper management about the units getting repaired, the units that are awaiting repair and the units that are in the estimation process. Tarvin truly believes in the adopted FRS Atlanta moto “One team one fight”. He knows that without the amazing team that surrounds him it would be very difficult to get the job done.

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Tarvin is an outgoing, enthusiast, self-starting, fair and honest manager that believes in galvanizing the team to accomplish all goals set forth. Outside of work Tarvin is a father of two boys and engaged to his fiancé Alliyah. He is also Veteran of The United States Marine Corps. His hobbies include riding motorcycles, playing basketball and spending time with his family.

Eric Reynolds

Lenhartsville Collision Shop Manager
ext. 2002

Eric Reynolds is the Lenhartsville Collision Shop Manager; he oversees all functions of the collision facility in Lenhartsville. Eric attended Upper Berks Institute of Aeronautics and worked for four years building Experimental Aircraft. Eric has over 18 years of experience in the collision industry and has been with Fleet Repair Solutions for the past five years. Outside of work Eric enjoys being outdoors, hunting, fishing, and hiking. He is also a beekeeper and a beer brewer.

Mark Wells

General Manager , Texas Division

Mark started with Fleet Repair Solutions in Sept of 2020 and has over 15yrs experience in Tractor and Trailer maintenance. Mark is dedicated to FRS and its great team. He looks forward to serving you at our Dallas location. Mark met his wife in 2004 and got married in 2007. Outside of work Mark enjoys spending time with his family, hunting, fishing and anything to do with motorsports.

Dylan Jordan

Atlanta Business Development Manager

Dylan is currently the Business Development Manager for Fleet Repair Solutions Southern Region. His responsibilities include expanding Fleets growing footprint through Customer Relations, Parts Sales, and Repair Service offerings. Dylan brings 25 years of experience in the Intermodal Transportation industry to Fleet Repair Solutions, with roles in Operations and Maintenance Management and also 9 years in B2B sales.

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Dylan was born in central Alabama but hails from mostly Georgia and Florida. Dylan graduated from Auburn University with a BS in Aviation Management and continues to be an active alumni. Some of his favorite activities include golf, baseball, football and just about anything else sports related. Dylan brings a wealth of diverse talent and experience to Fleet Repair Solutions that serves our customers.

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